Our Studio

The Shack Fitness Studio offers the most rewarding and fun group workouts that you will ever experience. Each class will present a challenge for you to embrace as you work towards your individual fitness and lifestyle goals.

Our low impact classes cater to people with a wide variety of fitness levels and ages. Although our classes are led by certified instructors that will encourage and challenge you to achieve your goals, you are ultimately in control of the resistance and exertion level. The workout is yours.

Our personalized services and commitment to individual goals, coupled with a unique community environment will set your experience apart.

We welcome you to join us at The Shack Fitness Studio!


Studio Etiquette

Work Together 
Please do not be late or leave class early. We are a team that starts and ends class at the same time.

Stay Focused 
This is a no cell phone zone! Please turn your devices off or at the very least, turn your ringer/notifications off. We also want to be mindful of conversations once class begins.

Both good and bad — are amplified once we all start sweating. Please keep scents to a minimum.

Listen up 
To your instructor and to your body. If you need a break, dot it! But please notify your instructor if you need to leave the room for any reason.

Clean Up 
Go ahead and get sweaty! That’s what you’re here for. Just make sure to wipe off the equipment you use after every class.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and you can’t always make your class. Please be considerate and manage your class bookings appropriately so other members have equal opportunity. This includes signing up for multiple classes unless you are rocking a double!

Need to cancel?
Make sure to cancel 8 hours before your scheduled class to avoid a cancellation fee.

Late cancellations will be subject to the loss of a class pass, and unlimited account holders will be subject to a $10 late cancellation or no show fee.

Class cancellations/reservations will not be accepted by phone or email. No Exceptions.
Please arrive and check in 15 minutes before class — 20 minutes if you’re a new member.

Please note that these rules apply to class pass holders, unlimited pass holders as well as drop-ins.

Make your bookings easy! Download our app to manage your class bookings. Or manage your classes by logging in to your Shack account.


Our Unlimited Pass Makes your Fitness Affordable!