We have the ability to engage the students and meet them where they are at

Shannon Berikoff

My main goal is to have you love your workouts. And I believe that in order to be able to achieve personal fitness and wellness goals, things need to be fun, you should share your success stories, be dedicated and have a great support system.

Tasha Starr

I’ve been in the natural nutrition field, focusing on preventive health, for over ten years. When the opportunity arose for me to pursue being a fitness instructor at The Shack, it felt more like a calling, a vocation, which serendipitously came to me. Thankful and excited to be merging my two passions together to serve the community of Selkirk, I invite you to join me in class!

Rebecca Cetkovski

My life’s passion is to help women (and increasingly men) to love their bodies and look at health through a holistic approach. I want to inspire other to live at their fullest potential!

Fiona Stoner

I’m Fiona,
My love for group fitness started when I was 20 and recovering from an eating disorder. My road to recovery included my first Step class which helped my both mentally and physically. From then on my passion for fitness just grew as I saw the benefits as exercising with others. Five years later Spin classes were becoming more popular so I decided to give it a try. I was hooked!!!When i moved in 2009 to Selkirk from England it was quite a challenge to my fitness as there was only one gym in town and a handful of classes. When I heard about Shannon and her Spin classes I was so excited! Becoming a Spin Instructor has been a awesome learning experience as you see your love and passion for something rub off on others. As your fitness instructor, I hope to lead by example, to motivate, inspire and empower YOU. We will share our triumphs and challenges, our joys and fears because WE ARE WORTH IT! My advice to you is put YOU on your calendar and come join me at The Shack!

Kathy Pragnell

I’ve participated in competitive sports nearly all my life. My current passion is triathlon racing at both sprint and Olympic distances. Triathlon is actually what brought me to The Shack.

Carla Gil

My Passion is to help people get moving!

Alanna Franchuck

A few years ago a good friend introduced me to spinning at The Spin Shack. I loved the vibe and the music and was hooked instantly! I’ve been riding ever since!

Fitness has always been a priority in my life. My day job requires me to be physically fit and because of that I put my workouts first and often plan my day around them. Exercise has not only kept me physically fit but, it has also been an incredible outlet to reduce stress, meet new people and do something fun and enjoyable.

My philosophy to health and fitness is simple; eat good, real food, strength train and keep grinding at those workouts and activities you find fun but still challenge you. My main goal is to motivate you, ensure you have fun, make you feel in control of your fitness journey and keep you coming back for more!

I am a wife and Mom of two boys. Some of my favourite things are running and skiing, travelling and going places I’ve never been, taking in live music, spending time at the lake, all day breakfast, chocolate, craft beer and pizza!

See you at The Shack!


-Bachelor of Arts
-Mossa certified in Group Ride and R30
-First Aid and CPR certified

Chantal Lam

My fitness journey started 2 years after my youngest was born. I developed a passion for strength and resistance training but that’s when I tried a spin class and from there grew a beautiful love affair with my bike!

Courtney Bangert

My love for spinning started 4 years ago and I have loved every minute of it! Being on the bike was where my passion for fitness, health and wellness began. After spin class I feel re-energized, am sleeping better and it’s also a good outlet for stress!