Fiona Stoner

I’m Fiona,
My love for group fitness started when I was 20 and recovering from an eating disorder. My road to recovery included my first Step class which helped my both mentally and physically. From then on my passion for fitness just grew as I saw the benefits as exercising with others. Five years later Spin classes were becoming more popular so I decided to give it a try. I was hooked!!!When i moved in 2009 to Selkirk from England it was quite a challenge to my fitness as there was only one gym in town and a handful of classes. When I heard about Shannon and her Spin classes I was so excited! Becoming a Spin Instructor has been a awesome learning experience as you see your love and passion for something rub off on others. As your fitness instructor, I hope to lead by example, to motivate, inspire and empower YOU. We will share our triumphs and challenges, our joys and fears because WE ARE WORTH IT! My advice to you is put YOU on your calendar and come join me at The Shack!

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