Alanna Franchuck

A few years ago a good friend introduced me to spinning at The Spin Shack. I loved the vibe and the music and was hooked instantly! I’ve been riding ever since!

Fitness has always been a priority in my life. My day job requires me to be physically fit and because of that I put my workouts first and often plan my day around them. Exercise has not only kept me physically fit but, it has also been an incredible outlet to reduce stress, meet new people and do something fun and enjoyable.

My philosophy to health and fitness is simple; eat good, real food, strength train and keep grinding at those workouts and activities you find fun but still challenge you. My main goal is to motivate you, ensure you have fun, make you feel in control of your fitness journey and keep you coming back for more!

I am a wife and Mom of two boys. Some of my favourite things are running and skiing, travelling and going places I’ve never been, taking in live music, spending time at the lake, all day breakfast, chocolate, craft beer and pizza!

See you at The Shack!


-Bachelor of Arts
-Mossa certified in Group Ride and R30
-First Aid and CPR certified

Categories: Instructors